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Here you will learn everything you need to know to have healthy, beautiful skin. Teaching you all of that might sound like a lot for one little website to do, but it's really easier than you might think.

With a few basic steps and some basic skincare products, you can prevent and heal everything from acne to wrinkles. That's right!  Wrinkles can be healed. You just need to use the right treatments.

You might be skeptical. If so, I don't blame you. You have probably tried dozens of different products over the years.

You believed the advertising claims of the companies that manufactured those products. Over the course of your lifetime, you may have spent thousands of dollars on creams that were absolutely worthless.

If that's the case, I'm a lot like you. There have been half empty bottles and jars under my bathroom sink. I have finally thrown them all away.

I know a thing or two about the skin and the health of the body, in general. But still, I have been taken in by advertising gimmicks. Sometimes all it took was a label like "Now with Natural Collagen!" or "New and Improved!"

If you are like most consumers, you rely on the manufacturers to provide truthful information. You should not blame yourself. You should blame the cosmetic industry for wasting your time and money.

Many of their claims border on false advertising. They are usually careful enough to avoid warnings from the FTC or the FDA, but not always.

Everything you read on this site is based on fact. The steps and products recommended are those that I use personally. The references to clinical trials or scientific research are valid.

I have checked the sources and done my own trials. Everything here works for me, for my family and for my friends. I consider you one of my friends. So, let me get started. Here's your basic essential skincare routine.

Basic Skin Care Essentials


You need body wash and a very gentle facial cleanser. The skin on your face is more delicate than anywhere else on the body. Yet it is often exposed to more damage, simply because it is not covered with some kind of clothing.

The area around your eyes is particularly delicate. The skin surrounding the eyes is thinner than on the rest of your face. You should avoid using a cleanser around your eyes unless it is absolutely necessary.

Because of that, I do not recommend waterproof mascara. I never wear it. On an occasion that calls for waterproof, I might skip the mascara all together.

Products designed specifically for makeup removal are very harsh. You won't need a special makeup remover if you use natural mineral-based makeup and non-waterproof mascara.

For your heels and other parts of your feet, you may need a pumice stone or another exfoliant. Exfoliants can cause redness and irritation if used on other parts of your body, especially your face.

Instead of exfoliating (which is very popular, I know), you might consider using a deep cleansing mask every week or two. A mask containing clay extracts called kaolin and bentone gel have the ability to pull dirt and dead skin cells out of your pores.

Xtendlife makes an excellent deep cleansing mask. In addition to the clay extracts, it contains active manuka honey, which has natural antibacterial activity. It works wonders for acne.

Besides your daily facial cleanser and your body wash, the only things you need for cleansing are clean cloths and warm water. The best cloths are white cotton, simply because they are very soft and less likely to cause an allergic reaction than colored synthetic fibers.

Water that is too hot will dry out your skin. If it is too cold, it causes your pores to shrink before you have the chance to clean the surface. Anything on the surface might get trapped when the pores close up.

When I lived in an area with chlorinated water, I invested in a carbon filter for my showerhead. Some doctors recommend them for people with kids, because chlorine is mildly toxic. It can certainly dry out your skin. That brings me to the next section. Don't skip it, no matter your skin type.


If your skin is naturally oily, you might think you don't need a moisturizer. Here's the simple truth.

Everyone should use a good moisturizer after every bath or shower!

It is particularly important to use a moisturizer on your face, but other body parts will benefit, too. The right body lotion will make your heels and elbows softer. It will help heal body acne, eczema and other skin conditions. The best body lotions will even work to reduce stretch marks and scars, no matter their age.

So, there are two products that I recommend, body lotion and facial cream. I use two, because the best anti-aging ingredients are too expensive to use on parts of my body that are never exposed to sunlight. They are worth every penny when it comes to my face.

That's right. It is your daily moisturizer that will prevent or heal wrinkles. The reason is simple. It is one of the only products that you leave on your face all day long.

Some companies have come out with anti-aging daily cleansers. Some of them even contain sunscreens. That is ridiculous.

Anything that you rinse off is not going to help prevent or reverse the signs of aging and it certainly cannot help prevent sunburn, which is the only thing a sunscreen can do.

I almost started ranting, but I stopped myself. You are probably wondering why moisturizers are so important. I can answer that with one sentence. Assuming they contain the right ingredients. . .

Moisturizers address the Main Causes of Skin Aging

Scientists have done a lot of research on this subject. While there is room for scientific debate about the causes of age-related diseases, scientists agree that the main causes of skin aging are. . .

Here's a look at each one of those causes and the ingredients that can address them.

Decreased production of new skin cells and fibers

The skin is one of the body's organs with the ability to rejuvenate. Old dead skin cells are sloughed off. New ones are produced by the skin's stem cells and gradually work their way to the surface.

The skin's elastic fibers become overly stretched or damaged by inflammation. The fibers break down. Although it takes several years even during your youth, the damaged fibers are gradually replaced.

No one really knows why. It could be because of poor nutrient absorption or intake. But for whatever reason, skin rejuvenation becomes much slower as we get older.

As the rejuvenation processes slow down, the skin becomes thinner and starts to sag. This is one of the factors that contribute to wrinkles.

Researchers have found that it is possible to speed the process back up again with topically applied compounds. Some of the most effective compounds include Functional Keratin and coenzyme Q10. You'll learn more about those in a few moments.

Lower levels of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid was originally described as "goo", the goo that binds the skin's cells together. It plays a role in the production of new cells and in maintaining moisture balance, but its big job is to keep the cells together until it is time for them to slough off.

There is a group of enzymes called hyaluronidaise that break down hyaluronic acid. Doctors use the enzymes when they need to improve the absorption of medication through the skin.

By comparing older and younger skin samples, researchers have learned that older skin has more of those pesky enzymes. That is the reason that older skin has less hyaluronic acid.

Because there is less hyaluronic acid, the skin feels less smooth. It has a tendency to be drier and excessive dryness is one of the factors that contribute to wrinkles.

In order to correct hyaluronic acid levels, some companies include the goo as an ingredient in their anti-aging moisturizers. That doesn't work according to dermatologists, because the molecules are too large to penetrate into the skin.

What does work, according to scientists, is a kind of seaweed called wakame kelp. Extracts from the kelp have been shown to inhibit hyaluronidaise enzymes. As a result, hyaluronic levels rise to those of a much younger person.

Free Radical Damage

If you take a daily nutritional supplement, you have probably heard of free radicals. The destructive molecules are responsible for visible and invisible signs of aging.

They can damage the membranes of cells and cause inflammation in the skin's fibers. They can damage the DNA strands of the skin's stem cells causing them to make less than exact copies of themselves.

Free radical damage plays a role in cancer, too. Antioxidants prevent and heal the damage. Some antioxidants are attained through food. Others are naturally present in the skin.

A dermatological report published a few years ago stated that older skin contains more free radicals and fewer naturally occurring antioxidants. The dermatologists concluded that this was the primary cause of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.

The ingredient Functional Keratin, which I mentioned briefly above, has been found to increase the skin's antioxidant levels. Researchers found that the amount of superoxide dismutase and glutathione are significantly higher after treating the skin with Functional Keratin.

The increase in antioxidants will help reduce wrinkles and brown age spots. It will also increase the amount of protection you have against future free radical damage.

Recent research has shown that some antioxidants can penetrate through the skin's many layers to neutralize free radicals and repair any damage they might have done. The antioxidant they are suggesting is coenzyme Q10.

They go on to say that the molecules of COQ10 must be reduced in size, in order to get the desired results. A proprietary formula called nano-lipobelle HEQ10 contains the reduced size. In clinical trials, applying the formula once a day for three months resulted in a 30% reduction in wrinkles and other symptoms of sun damage.

Xtendlife makes daytime and nighttime moisturizers for men and women that contain both Functional Keratin and nano-lipobelle HEQ10. In fact, the ingredients are included in the company's complete line of skincare products.

What else do you need?

That's it!  Two basic categories of products; cleansers and moisturizers. Four different products, five if you count the deep cleansing mask. That's all you need for healthy beautiful skin, assuming you choose the right brands.

There are some optional products that may provide some additional benefits. For example, an under-eye serum with EYELISS and HALOXYL can help reduce bags and dark circles.

If your skin is very dry, using a nighttime, as well as a daytime moisturizer could really help. Night creams are usually a bit richer. The better ones contain ingredients like Shea butter and avocado oil.

Comparing the ingredients in skincare products is important, because many of them can actually do more harm than good. The inclusion of allergens, irritants and toxins is more of a cosmetic industry rule, rather than an exception.

Instead of standing in a store somewhere reading labels for hours at a time, I found a company that I trust. I buy all of my skincare products from that company. The company is Xtendlife.

You have already seen me mention a few of their products here on this page. If you really care about your skin's health and appearance, you owe it to yourself to visit their website.

They provide detailed information about the benefits of each of the ingredients I have mentioned here, all of which are safe and natural. They also publish suggestions for specific skin conditions.

If you don't find your answers on their published pages, you can ask a question on the blog or contact a service representative through their online chat. If no one is available to chat, you can always send an email.

While supplies last, Xtendlife is offering free samples of some of their most popular skincare products! They always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today and I hope you will take the time to learn more about Xtendlife anti-aging products. I truly believe they are the best products on the market, today.

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